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SlayThick Fitness offers a variety of resources to support you along your health, wellness, and weight loss journey!


About lindsay 'the slayer' creator of slaythick fitness

SlayThick Fitness was birthed by Owner and Founder, Lindsay Seymour after successfully losing 100lbs naturally in 11 months. Lindsay grew up overweight and struggled with dieting and weight loss for the majority of her childhood, youth, and adolescence. In 2017, Lindsay decided to make a change and instead of dieting, she adapted a new way of life! From mindset to habits, Lindsay began dedicating herself to her goals and ultimately successfully lost 100lbs with a 70lb weight loss maintenance. Lindsay created SlayThick Fitness out of the desire to help others achieve their goals, specifically targeting women who have struggled to lose weight, those who are busy, and those looking to stay curvy and cute!

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