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SlayThick Fitness was created to support healthy lifestyles,  body positivity, and  promote confidence to help others become more healthy, fit, active, and feel great while doing it!

Whether you are just starting on your fitness journey, need support getting back on track, need accountability, or are looking for that extra push; SlayThick Fitness is here for you!

About F.A.T Athletics

Redefining What it Means to be "FAT"

F.A.T. Athletics is a clothing line and exercise shape wear line designed to promote body positivity and encourage healthy lifestyles for everyone! The word FAT has been used as a derogatory term for overweight people for centuries, when in reality who and what defines what "FAT" is?!

Fat should not be a term to describe the physical description of a person, rather it should be used in the context of what it is, a natural component of our body. Realizing that we are not FAT but instead have fat changes the dynamics of the meaning of the word to the reality of what it is!


 F.A.T Athletics is here to remind you, even if you HAVE fat, it doesn't mean you are fat; you are Fit And Thick! 

About Za's Zesty Meals

Meals Made With Love

Za’s Zesty Meals is a meal prep and food service produced from the passion and love of cooking.  It was birthed from having the enthusiasm for loving good tasty, eye-appealing food, and experiencing family and friends appreciating and enjoying the prepared meals.


Za’s Zesty meals are finger-licking good,  reasonably priced, and leave families pleased. With Za's Zesty Meals your taste buds will be satiated, your stomach full, and leaving you craving for more. The food is fresh, made to order and we are certified by the American Safety Council’s, Texas Food Handlers Program. 


Za's Zesty Meals also provides healthy meal prep options for those looking to support their health, fitness, or weight loss journey!

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