Struggling to get up for that morning workout?... 6 Tips to Success [Read Here]

For all those who are looking to start an early morning routine specifically one around getting up to work out here are a few tips to make that adjustment smoother:

1. Go to Bed at a Reasonable Time - if you know you love your sleep and getting up is going to be hard then get your sleep started earlier so you feel more rested at your new wake up time! If I'm aiming to get up at 4:30am I aim to be in the bed by 10:00pm. Of course this doesn't always happen, but its a goal and it's a start. If you can't be sleep by a certain time at least try to start winding down and powering off electronics so you can fall asleep easier with less distractions.

2. Set Your Clock 10 Minutes Ahead - For starters I use an old school style alarm clock for my morning alarm in addition to my phone, so this tip is more helpful if you have a traditional clock, but can also be helpful if you are a chronically later person in life. Setting your clock ahead by 10 minutes allows you to trick yourself and brain into thinking you are getting more sleep when you are really just waking up earlier. Let's be honest most of us aren't getting up on the first alarm and hit snooze a few times, by setting your clock ahead even when/if you hit snooze you don't have to throw the whole morning away!

3. Set SEVERAL Alarms- as previously stated my primary alarm is an old school alarm clock which really helps my first initial wake up. I also have alarms set in 5 to 10 minute increments on my phone after my initial alarm goes off. This really helps for those mornings when I am dragging and need an extra push. It's like alarms and sirens going off everywhere forcing me to get out the bed.

4. Think Through and Plan Out Your Morning- before going to bed visualize yourself and what your plan is for the morning. Get out the clothes you are going to wear (make them fun and cute! something you are going to be excited about putting on!) put your shoes ad socks out, prep your water, and whatever else you will need for your morning session (headphones, phone on charger, book, etc.) Getting all this stuff  together at night greatly  helps you in the morning because its less thinking to to and more automatic. You instantly remember where your necessary items are and maximize time getting up and out rather than getting ready. Before bed plan out your morning, what are you going to do first and visualize or write it down and stick to your plan. Each night I visualize myself executing my morning routine by first getting up on the first or second alarm, getting out the bed to pray and meditate, putting on the pre-planned outfit, taking care of personal needs, grab my water, headphones and other items, and being out the door no later than 4:55am. Remember: Proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance.

5. Get an Accountability Partner- Having a friend or person who will get up and go through the struggle with you makes it so much easier and much more helpful. Any type of accountability partner works weather it be someone who will get up and meet up with you, someone who will give you a wake up call, someone who you can send accountability pics to when you complete your morning tasks. Someone who can celebrate you when you're on track doing great and critique you when you need a push!

6. Treat Yo' Self!- Set a goal for the week/ weeks/ month. Once you accomplish that goal find a way to treat yo self! For example, if I have gotten up every morning M-F and worked out, on that Friday morning after my workout I will treat myself. That treat can be anything that will not derail you from your goals and progress but will make you feel celebrated. Some examples of my Treat yo' self celebrations are: a tall Starbucks coffee on the way to work, a sweet treat during the day like a cookie or candy, a new piece of workout clothing or accessory to use in the next week, a nice post about myself and accomplishments on social media.

Overall, this type of change and others like it are not easy! They take time, patience, and practice! Just remember to stay consistent and have more goods than bads! See all you early birds soon!! 

;) Zay

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