Meatless Mon.. Everyday 👀🤔 + Yummy StirFry Recipe

Lately I have been feeling the need to make changes to my diet. Being quarantined with a chef and a baker has been the most tempting and balancing act to date😩🥴! However when I started to notice myself feeling sluggish and bloated even after working out 1-2 times a day, I said “aw nah fam somethings gotta give!”🤦🏾‍♀️

So I decided to cut meat from my diet. In the first day I felt lighter and more refreshed! Now I take my TLC products and supplements pretty consistently so that helped me flush out whatever lingering meat was left to be digested, but overall I was already feeling good!🙌🏾💩

So this #MeatlessMonday is now a thing and it’s Meatless Errday 😝 I have chosen to keep fish in my diet (salmon, tuna, swai etc) but cut the chicken, beef, turkey, and pork 🙌🏾 I am curious to see how these changes impact my body but most importantly, I’m ready to see how I FEEL!

I‘m not foreign to the meatless lifestyle as I typically participate in the Daniel Fast each year and try to fast in some way shape or form 1-2 times a week. I would like to keep it up as long as possible but I plan to be gracious with myself and take it one step at a time...

Todays Meatless Meal was Veggie StirFry with Brown Rice and Spring Rolls

Brown Rice Recipe:

  1. First cook your rice as you would normally do, we use a rice cooker. Once finished, set aside and cool.

2. Once cooled, take a bag of mixed veggies and satuee them in a pan with extra virgin olive oil or your oil of choice, add in your precooked rice.

  1. Season with garlic, pepper, and soy sauce

  2. Add an egg if you’d like

  3. Let cook for about 5 mins and remove

from heat!

Stir Fry Recipe (using a wok)

  1. Heat your wok and add oil, preferably extra virgin olive oil (or your choice)

  2. Once the wok and oil are heated satuee some garlic and onion in the wok

Add in your veggies (can be fresh or store bought) example of veggies to use could be:

- cabbage

- brussel sprouts

- bok choy

- carrots

- red cabbage

- yellow onion

- broccoli - snap peas

whatever veggies you enjoy, go ham.. not literally 😐

anyway, add your veggies and let them cook and become aldente / soft

Season with garlic, ginger, pepper, soy sauce, or teriyaki sauce if you have it

**Spring Rolls Purchased At Costco** plate your meal and enjoy!!

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